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Chess Pie Recipe Steps

Here are the individual steps, with photos, for the Chess Pie Recipe I recently  posted on my website.

Classic Chess Pie Ingredients
Classic Chess Pie Ingredients – Eggs, Margarine or Butter, Milk, Sugar, Vanilla, Salt, Corn Starch, and Vinegar. Pie shell not included in photo.
Melt the Margarine/Butter
Melt the Margarine/Butter…

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Old Photos

I ran across some old photos today of my days back in nursing school. These really take me back!

Jeannette Tomanka - Nurse School 2008(L to R) Michelle Simpson, Corrine Haslett, Maria Flores, Janet Kapchinski,  Sandy Matthews, Jeannette Tomanka, Kelly Butler, Cordelia James, Janice Smith. 2008 Continue reading Old Photos